Diverse group of students in conversation


#VirtualBISA2025 is open to both members and non-members. The conference is competitively priced with up to 60% discount on the standard rates for our members. We have given particular consideration to the costs for our Global South colleagues, introducing heavily subsidised tickets to encourage broader international participation.

Global South rates

To be eligible for the Global South rates for this conference you must be residing in a Global South country listed on our list of countries. This is based on the list curated each year by the United Nations' Finance Center for South-South Cooperation, however we have made some alterations following BISA member feedback.

Global South scholars (residing in the Global South) - £30

Global South students (residing in the Global South) - £15

Global South observers (residing in the Global South) - £6

BISA members

To receive the member rate you must be a member both at the time of registering and throughout the conference.

Full members, including ECR - £65

Students - £32

Observers (not listed in the programme) - £10

Standard rates

Non-member including ECR - £180

Students - £75

Observers (not listed in the programme) - £16

We will issue a refund of the difference in price to anyone who becomes a BISA member within 7 working days of taking out the standard rate.

Institutional named members

Your conference fee has already been paid within your membership fee.